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About Us

About Us

Present Day

Be Free Studios is a creative agency that specializes in software design, software development, and graphic design. We are also modern tinkerers and makers. We build software, electronic devices, and unique products in our Lab, Wood-shop, and 3D Studio.

Be Free Studios now is just me. However, If there is a need on larger projects, I occasionally will enlist help from colleagues and professional consultants.

As a consultant, designer, and engineer myself... I bring a unique set of skills and tools to the table. I focus on your vision, develop a future-proof technology strategy, and provide the same quality of service as a fortune 100 consulting firm... at a fraction of the cost.

This is your chance to work 1-on-1 with industry experts to develop the perfect strategy for you and your target market. Our experts then design and build a hand-crafted custom solution that will get you the results you're looking for.

Learn more about Our Services and how I can help you today!

Burton Podczerwinski is currently a Software Architect for Slalom _Build, building applications for the worlds largest organizations.

Be Free Studios

Our History

Be Free Studios was founded in 2005 by me, Burton Podczerwinski. It started off as a group of artists that would hold popup shows at various venues throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Quite often, these art shows would have musicians playing while me and other artists would perform live painting. Most of the time, paintings were sold or auctioned for charity at the end of performances.

Through networking at these events, I began to create graphic design projects for clients I'd met. Most of these projects were company logos or advertising and event fliers. From selling art at events to occasional graphics projects, I was able to start getting more clients.

While working part-time and still running Be Free Studios, I began studying Motion Graphics, User Experience Design, and Software Development. As my skills continued to grow, I began creating full website experiences for clients, from research to design to development.

Fast forward a couple years, I was married with my first daughter on the way. After starting a family, I decided it to explore the corporate world. I took a position as an Interactive Developer for Roundarch. As a developer for Roundarch, I worked on enterprise level projects for clients like Bloomberg, Lockheed Martin, and Royal Caribbean to name a few.

After about 5 years of consulting for Roundarch, they were acquired by a company called Isobar (Aegis Media). During this acquisition, things started to change with the culture of the company. It was a tough decision, but about a year later I decided to leave for a company called Slalom. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

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